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"Abundant Joy! The joy of continuous guidance. The joy of knowing that every detail of your lives is planned by God.

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Working together in fellowship, sharing the Good News and participating in missions worldwide.


Bosque Baptist Association is comprised of twenty Baptist Churches located in Bosque County, Texas. We are mostly rural churches, ministering to a changing population. Like much of the Texas' rural churches, 75% of our churches are pastored by bi-vocational ministers.

The association's office is located at 106 S. Ave. G, Clifton, Texas, 76634.

Jim Houser has been the Director of Missions for the association since June 2016.He and his wife Molly, have partnered in their ministries through the years, and continue to do so with the association. We were missionaries in Kenya and Tanzania for 29 years after  After that time, we served on the staff at Shiloh Terrace Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas as their Minister of Missions for six years. We moved to Waco where our ministry became student centered at Baylor University. Jim taught Swahili while Molly touched the students lives in areas of hospitality and counseling. We were involved in this ministry for nineteen years, while also pastoring churches in the area.


April Birthdays

Keith Blanton—5th  Cedar Shores B.C

Tarja Fowler—6th  F.B.C.  Iredell

Edward Davis—8th Grace Memorial B.C.


Seminar on Abuse 

You notice that the title was not “Child Abuse”, although that is certainly included. The one being abused, whether sexually or otherwise, can happen at any age. This malady of our culture has been very much front and center in our news media for the last few years. The reason is, it has just become publicized, although not just begun. Our churches are very susceptible to this, mostly of child abuse. Look at five reasons to screen church staff and volunteers:

1. Protect children from abuse and death

2. Protect the finances and assets of the church

3. Protect the reputation of the church

4. Protect your church from lawsuits

5. Protect staff and officers from personal lawsuits

Bring a group from your church, May 4, to the Abuse Seminar at Grace Memorial B.C. Elizabeth will be contacting you to get a number of  attendees in order to have enough food prepared for the free lunch to follow the seminar. It begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends with lunch.




Bosque County Cowboy Church--7032 Hwy 6, Clifton, TX 76634--Michael (Tater) Paschall-- Pastor--Worship 10:00 am

Cedar Shores--208 CR 1500 Morgan, TX 76671--Keith Blanton--Pastor--Worship 11:00 am--Sunday School 9:45 am

First Baptist, Clifton--106 S Ave. G Clifton, TX 76634--Jerry Smith--Pastor--Worship 8:30 and 11:00 am--Sunday School 9:45 am--Chris Pillsbury Music Minister--Steven Payne, Youth/Associate Pastor--Elizabeth Ball, Children's Director

First Baptist, Cranfills Gap--13372 E. Hwy 22, Cranfills Gap, TX 76637-0127--Worship 11:00 am, Sunday School 10:00 am--Brian Barrett, Pastor

Fairview Baptist Church--806 CR, Valley Mills, TX 76689--Jim Dickson, Pastor--Worship 11:00 am, Bible Study  10:00 am

Grace Memorial Baptist Church--107 S Ave. M, Clifton, TX 76634--Edward Davis, Pastor--Worship  11:00 am, Bible Study at 10:00 am

Igelsia Bautisa La Nueva Jerusalen-South Ave. N, Clifton, TX 76634-1924-Worship 11:00 am

First Baptist Iredell--200 McLain Ave. Iredell, TX 76649--Neil Wade, Pastor--David Fowler, Youth Minister--Tim Starnes, Music Minister--Worship, 11:00 am--Bible Study 10:00 am

First Baptist Kopperl--177 FM 1859, Kopperl, TX 76652--Interim Pastor, John Wood--Worship, 11:00 am--Bible Study, 10:00 am

Lakeside Baptist Church--156 CR 1307, Morgan, TX 76671--Clint Hopson, Pastor-Worship, 11:00 am--Bible Study 10:00 am

Lighthouse Baptist Church--204 N Main St. Meridian, TX  76665--Cody Chaffin, pastor--Worship, 11:00 am--Bible Study, 10:00 am

First Baptist Meridian--207 North Hill, Meridian, TX 76665--Colin Errington, Pastor--James Gilbert, Music/Youth Minister--Audrey Wallum, Children's Director--Worship, 8:30 and 11:00 am--Bible Study, 9:45 am

First Baptist Morgan--P.O. Box 151, Morgan, TX 76671--Jerry Lindsey, Pastor--Worship, 11:00 am---Bible Study, 10:00 am

Mosheim Baptist Church--10550 FM 215, Valley Mills, TX 76689--Glynn Beaty, Pastor--Worship, 11:00 am--Bible Study, 10:00 am

Oak Grove Baptist Church--409 S 6th St. , Valley Mills. TX 76689--Gaylan Turner, Pastor--Worship, 11:00 am--Bible Study, 10:00 am


Elizabeth Ball is the secretary for the Bosque Baptist Association. She is married to Andy, Clifton Superitendent of Schools, and they have three children--Riley, Ruthie and Luke. The Ball family are members of First Baptist Church in Clifton, where Elizabeth also serves as Children's Director.



Looking Ahead

April 4—50+ Adult Day at Latham Springs Encampment

April 5-6—WMU of Texas Annual Meeting—FBC Woodway.

April 12-13—Spanish Speaking Preaching Conference—High Pointe Baptist Church, Cedar Hill, TX

April 21—Easter Sunday—Resurrection Day!!

May 4—Saturday—8:30 a.m.—Seminar on Abuse—Grace Memorial B.C.

May 12—Mother’s Day

May 27—Memorial Day—Office closed

June 10—Monday—E.C. meeting—BBA office at FBC Clifton—10:00 a.m.

June 16—Father’s Day

June 23—Associational Meeting—First Baptist, Valley Mills—dinner at 5:00 pm, program at 6:00 p.m.


Primera Iglesia Bautista Emmanuel--3342 FM  219, Clifton, TX 76634--Ike Longoria, Pastor--Worship, 11:00 am

Searsville Country Church-686 FM 217, Valley Mills, TX 76689--Lynn Parks, Pastor--Worship, 9:30 am--Bible Study, 8:30 am

Spring Creek Baptist Church--825 CR 2160, Iredell, TX, 76649---Coleman Reidling, Pastor--Worship, 11:00 am--Bible Study, 10:00 am

First Baptist, Valley Mills-302 Ave C, Valley Mills, TX 76689--John Wheatley, Pastor--Scott Davis, Music Minister--Michael Barnard, Youth Minister--Worship 10:55 am-- Bible Study, 9:45 am

First Baptist, Walnut Springs--152 4th St. Walnut Springs, TX 76690-T.J. Joyner ,Pastor-Garland Morrison, Music Minister--Worship, 11:00 am; 6:00 pm--Bible Study, 10:00 a

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Bosque Baptist Association

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